Paint Manufacturers Can Influence Your Home’s Color?

Color typically indicates a mood rather than just a hue. But what does this mean to you as a consumer? Paint manufacturers choose these colors off the runway because fashion is the forerunner for home décor. So you will be seeing these colors when you walk into stores to buy a new outfit and it will slowly trickle down to home fashions.  A new spin on jewel tones.

Pantone color of the year

Paint manufacturers always select a Color of the Year. Pantone chose Ultra Violet, a vivid purple.

benjamin moore paint product

Benjamin Moore chose Caliente, a spicy red. They described it as strong, radiant, and of full energy.

Sherwin Williams paint color of the year 2017

Sherwin Williams chose Oceanside. Their description is a deep color that offers a sense of the familiar with a hint of the unknown.

What Do Paint Manufacturers’ Choices Mean for Consumers?

Does this mean you should redecorate your home? Maybe, but only if you are ready for a change. That doesn’t mean these need to be the go to colors. I think the secret to loving your home is choosing colors that you love. Trends come and go and some are fun to try out but not necessarily keep around long term. If you are the kind of person who loves to follow the trends in a budget friendly way then you are a perfect candidate for a neutral base. Consider a white, tan or grey sofa. Add pillows that follow the color curves.  Paint can dramatically change the personality of a room at a fairly low cost. Paint the whole room or just an accent wall. A neutral base easily adapts to color changes. Bring in a few fun conversation starting accessories or artworks. You can even create some of these yourself or pick up on your travels.

Where to Find Good Examples of Interior Paint

Houzz and Pinterest can be fun and helpful websites to visit but they can also evoke feelings of self doubt and house envy. Don’t expect your home to look as polished as homes that have been staged and professionally photographed for the perfect shot.

However, you can learn what you like and don’t like and can translate that into decorating your home in your own style. Try to be realistic. We can’t all pull off the all white look (Swoon!). Some of us have husbands, children, pets and a life!  Ultimately your home is a reflection of things that you love and if that means the Tuscan look or chintz still makes your heart race then that is the style that works for you. Just remember, decorating is suppose to be fun not stressful and your home should be a reflection of your family’s lifestyle and a reflection of you not someone in the fashion or paint industry.

One of my greatest gifts is color choices. I’m happy to consult and help you feel comfortable with your color choices. Call me, 513-341-8770.