Using Mirrors to Style Your Home’s Interior

Mirrors are a great way to open up a room, make a space feel bigger and a way to reflect light. There are lots of techniques to get a great look.


staging a home with mirrorsFirst, inspect your home to see which mirror style is going to work for your decor. Create a collage of different mirror styles to add an eclectic feel to a room. Vary the sizes and shapes. If you want to fill a large wall consider using bigger mirrors. Large mirrors = Big drama and fill up a wall quickly. Consider staying in one finish. If you’re staging a home, be sure to consider the most current styles so that your decor appeals to a wider audience.


vanity mirrors in bathroom

Add a statement mirror to your bathrooms to get a custom look and upgrade the style ratio. Don’t automatically order the coordinating mirror for your vanity if you want that “decorator” look.


large floor mirror in homeAn over-sized floor mirror enlarges a space and adds a massive decorative element. Placing a floor lamp that is reflected in the mirror either centered or to the side is a great unexpected look.


wall tile mirrors

Repetition is your ally. Repeating a small mirror creates the illusion of a much larger one. It is a great unexpected look that most people don’t think to do. Your friends will be impressed with your creativity!